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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

By Hook or By Crook

While driving to the TCTELA Conference afforded me plenty of time to think.  Time to think...what a concept!  It seems that I rarely have time to sit down and think, without being interrupted by something or someone.  Sometimes, I just want to just go into a cave and hibernate, just to get away from the noise. It grates on my last nerve.  I mean, when I try to review my day and reflect, I can't remember half of what I did. Everything seems to have gone to warp speed and to quote one of my closest friends, "And it ain't gonna slow down any time soon, honey!"  Well you know, she's got that right. Uh-huh!  I just need to slow down.  Things seem to fly way too fast for me. Way too stinkin' fast!

I have found one thing that will help me rewind the noggin.  It is quite simple.  It's not aroma or message therapy. It's not transcendental meditation or comtemplating my navel.  (That would be quite disgusting, to say the least.) Nope.  It is simply exercising.  I put on my jams and let the treadmill take me to some other place and time.  I eventually get to rewinding, after my heart rate is up to 140 and I am having palpitations.  Then I get to the good place, the zone, if you will.  I rewind, chill and then instill some sense into my day.  It doesn't matter what happened or who said what, I can reflect and relax.  Walking on the treadmill or trekking through on an elliptical machine is my great stress reliever.  Since I have found something that will help me relax, have some me time, and reflect, I really need to keep doing it. I am on a roll and it's not made of any kind of pastry or bad carb.  I am in such a groove right now and it feels rather exhilarating. It does my my heart and lungs some good.  Exercising also helps me discard some unwanted baggage, that I have been trying to desperately discard for a while now. Let's say to the sound of  17 years.

 Determination has crept into my soul and won't let go.  Firmly, I am trying to my best to stick with this.By hook or by crook I will  place exercise and healthy eating as one of my highest priorities. I know  that I have more time to exhale metaphorically and physically with more energy to do so. My breathing is markedly better than before.  I suffer from Asthma and Sarcoidosis. For me, this is big.

  I have gone crazy at home with this newly found fountain of youth.  I am cooking more and wanting to try out more recipes.  My daughter is the lucky recipient of this  metamorphosis..  She can't wait until I try out a new recipe.  She also loves this exercise and health kick that I am on.  She also encourages me by asking me if I am going to go exercise and then joins me when I do! I believe that she also needs a destresser in her life.  Her IB high school work is highly taxing.  I think it helps her unwind and get her second wind.

So what must I do?  Exercise Maureen!  Exercise!  Exercise your way to a healthier brain, heart and new you for 2014, by hook or by crook or whatever it takes!  Uh-huh!  I heard that!

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