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Monday, March 2, 2015

Everyday Editing with Subordinating Conjunction and EWE Teachers

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Everyday Editing with an AAAWWUBBIS and Pointing at Writing Camp

I wanted to share some photos of the students that I worked with at a Writing Camp last Saturday.  Students were trying out complex sentences, using Jeff Anderson's work from Everyday Editing.  I used mentor sentences, students shared what we noticed in the patterns of complex sentences. We used the pattern of a comma causer as an OPENER, Sentence from Jeff's work and Dr. Joyce Carroll's work in Acts of Teaching.  Students also wrote from a cool basketball poem, as their trigger or stimulus.  They then shared their work with their peers in Pointing( from Dr. Joyce Carroll's work in Acts of Teaching and the Abydos Writing Institute).  Afterward, they tried out their sentence using physical grammar.  That idea came from the Abydos Grammar Week.  Then they had their time to create sentences, using that similar pattern.  It was an Invitation to Imitate, similar to Jeff Anderson's work with mentor sentences from Everyday Editing.  I really enjoyed working with these young writers.  Later, they were to go back into their writing and find times when they wrote a complex sentences, possibly using common subordinating conjunctions called an AAAWWUBBIS. These writers were nudged to add some, if they didn't have any to see where it would take their writing.  Fun!

Pointing-Peer Writing Conference

Sharing Writing in a peer conference

Writing down their positive comments about someone's writing

Adding thoughts to paper to use to conference

Time to read the writing out loud

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Days at Edgewood Elementary

Alana Morris and I collaborated together on a workshop last week.  We focused our efforts on a multigenre review of Reading and Writing.  The analysis pyramind (see last post photos) was our tool for analysis.  It was adapted by Alana Morris from Ralph Fletcher's work.  I had a blast working with Alana and the wonderful, energetic staff at Edgewood Elementary.  We had a great day filled with reflection, insight and many epiphanies.  Edgewood's principal, Vivian Pratts, was also on hand to support her school's efforts to be the very best that they can be for their students and community. What a wonderful day!  I captured some of what we did on my cell phone camera.  I couldn't capture it all and how I wish I could have bottled this enthusiasm to share another day.  This is what I have.  Enjoy!

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