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Monday, March 2, 2015

Guided Reading Hightlights, Camtasia Tryout

 snapped some photo and video footage of today's Guided Reading Intermediate Workshop.  It was truly a pleasure to work with each and everyone of you.  It was great to see educators from grades 3-8 and beyond co-constructing meaning.  We discussed and learned more about guided reading and flexible groupings.  It was a very productive day.  Thanks to all for making a great day to learn.  Thanks again!

I made this video in less than an hour!  I am getting better and better at using Camtasia!  Love it!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Camtasia is the BOMB!

I just found a new technological tool to use with videos and screencasting.  I love it and it is supposed to be uploaded on the new laptop rollouts in January.  Many thanks to Karen Justl and Claudia.  They helped me crack the code to understand just how easy it is to use this tool!  I love it!  I created 4 videos productions this weekend and today using it.  I want to explore some uses coming out with PowerPoints and screencasting. I have used it before but I feel so much more confident and have discovered several features including the CallOuts, Transitions and the Library. You can import video and other media to make your presentation.  I want to explore adding some voice overs too.  I need to contact Claudia about how to increase the volume.  She showed me this back in September but I forgot how to do it.  Now I am ready for more training on this wonderful tool!  Camtasia is a tool, along with Snagit that comes from TechSmith. I believe that Jing is also affiliated with TechSmith.  My next challenge is the volume thing, along with how to add quizzes.  I will post one of Screencasts soon about how to use it. I may even post that to my YouTube channel soon.  Fun!

Two Posts A Day Keeps A Smile On My Face!

It is November 18th and so far, so good.  All seems to be well.  I had a nice day working with some teachers and a TOSA.  It sounds like a poem.  Maybe I will try one out!  It couldn't hurt, right?

Teachers and TOSAs

I started my day
With teachers and TOSAs
From the Brook of Holly
To the West in the Wood
To the Edge of the Woods
And back again!
I went on to say
Can't remember
Just teachers and TOSAs

Worked on Reading in the guided
Kind of way
with teachers and TOSAs

Talked about Editing and Revising
with Jeff Anderson and his way
With teachers and TOSAs

Time flew by
My Oh My!
Cause I was in my element
with teachers and TOSAs

Ended my day
With teachers and TOSAs
Smile on my face
with teachers and TOSAs
On my way
TOSAs and teachers

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