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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

One Less Problem

Morning Post

I just want to say that I found a song that my daughter likes that I like too. Strange occurrence. The song is sung by Ariana Grande.  The song is upbeat and fun.  I played it over and over and over on my way home yesterday.  I heard it on a KRTK Channel 13 news feed  on Face Book.  The feed featured this little girl dancing to the song with her father. It was so cute! The song that appeared in the video was catchy.  This video received tons of hits on YouTube.  Fast forward a week later when my daughter and I were driving.  This same  song Problem came on and she said, "That song is being overplayed, but I like it."  It sounded so familiar to me. She told me the name of it.  It clicked and I later downloaded it from iTunes.

Now it is  my ipod playlist  and I will jam and work out to it for sure.  I have one less problem without you, one less problem, one less problem...these words run through my head and my feet cannot help but move around. You might catch me busting a move or two while driving. I hope to not cause too many accidents on the road. Farmer's Insurance probably wants to speak with me.

I use Problem to lighten my spirit and act as if I am speaking to a host of people that I really don't care for.  I have their crude faces in front of me and with some sass I sing the song. I wag my finger and sing I've got one less problem without out, one less problem without you, one less problem.  I could do without these toxic people in my life and it is my way to let them go. A Martin Lawrence so eloquently stated, GET TO STEPPIN'!  It's my way to say my ten cents without offending anyone.  Can't do it in real life, but I can in my car driving down 290 on a hot Summer's day. Sure enough!  Can do it and it feels just fine...I've got one less problem without you, one less problem, one less problem!  What?

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