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Monday, March 2, 2015

Pointed Conversation

Pointed Conversation

I just arrived home from sharing a Sunday brunch with my daughter.  We went to Saltgrass.  Today I cashed in my points for being a member of Landry's Club.  If you spend a certain amount, then you get twenty-five dollars off your next meal.  Today was that day!  I love points!  Another reason I love to use my Landry's card is that I also get twenty-five off a meal during my birthday month.  You really can't beat it!  I like steak and they serve it up right!

Speaking of points, I checked my points from a hotel chain that I like to use.  I have enough points now for two free nights!  I just have to decide where I would like to go and when.  I was thinking about possibly going somewhere in October/November when the weather is nicer.  It will probably be in late October and early November.  Those days are so refreshing and a perfect way to drink in the Autumn air.  The only thing that would be better, would be a trip to Ohio in October/November.  Maybe someday, when I retire, I will travel in the Fall to experience the beauty of Southern Ohio.

Points rule my life.  I love the points that I can accumulate at Krogers. You get points for every dollar you spend.  You get ten cents off each gallon of gas for each one hundred that you spend.  I wait until I accumulate around four hundred points and then I drive to the Kroger gas station and pump in my gas that is forty cents less per gallon.  Love the deal!

Then there are the points that I used to use when I was a part of the New Year's Weight Loss Challenge.  I joined this group on Face Book.  I wanted to loose weight and start the year off right with healthy choices in food and lifestyle.  To help foster good habits, we were given  an excel sheet with tasks to accomplish daily and weekly.  We were given points for doing certain things.  Some of these things were simple like drinking 64 ounces of water daily, encouraging friends daily within the challenge, no eating 2 hours before bedtime, and eating at least 2 cups of fruits and veggies daily.  I could do that!  Points!  Points! Points!  I wanted to have perfect points weekly.  We reported our points and weight loss on Fridays.  Earning enough points was my motivation and it worked.  Six months later and thirty four pounds lost isn't too bad!

An offshoot of sorts is my FitBit.  This is points laden.  My FitBit is a bracelet that I wear, not for aesthetic purposes, but to measure my daily step count. It also measures my active minutes, my sleep patterns, calories burned and miles walked.  I love it.  To a person that is so obsessed with points, this FitBit can be an addiction.  Did I mention that I have friends who have FitBits too?  Yes, we are a social group and we compete against one another.  Right now, my biggest competition Marquita Neumann is ahead of me in steps for the week.  I have plans to augment my step count today.  I need to get on a treadmill to surpass her step count.  I have gone to great lengths to add more steps.  I park further away from Krogers and Target.  I didn't complain when I had to move buildings in the Summer because I knew that I would get more steps in those days.  It has made me more conscious of my overall activity. Some days I am sedentary and others I am Jillian Michaels.  It really doesn't matter, if not for the points! I want to be in the top three in the categories.  I need more steps and thus more points! 

What is exactly my point in this Sunday post? Points are possible!  Points are motivating. Points are points! I haven't quite figured out where I am going with this, but there is one thing that I do know.  If you have goals and they are attainable and tangible, then that is where I reside.  Points off of a bill, points to free night stays, points for the FitBit, and behavior modification work for me.  If you want me to do something, where's my dangling carrot? Just add some points to it and I will be there. Get the point?

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