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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

TABE 2013, Estrellita, Poetry, Writing Workshops at WTC

hanks for a great day of writing!  Here are some photos of our day together.  Wow!  Great writers!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Banana

I captured this animated photo with my Samsung S4.  My daughter was having a little fun at Target.  She was trying on the Halloween costumes.  I took this GIF and thought it would be good to have on the blog.  She hates it when I take photos of her but put up with the animated photo.  When we came home she got her Batman cape and mask.  I don't know if she will wear it this year, as we pass out Tootsie Rolls and Dots.  We'll see.  Last year she was a tree squirrel.

Emergent Bilingual and Proud

Bilingue Emergente
Emerging from the Cocoon
By Maureen Ucles

Soy bilingue
Not an emergency
Just me
I am
An emergent

Like the sound of
Kinda distinguished
Gave me an excuse
To be

All these years
con uno o otro
en mi mente
Mind games
It's one or the other
Ingles o Espanol
Watch it son
You might
get some
In your orejas
Stop that
This instant
But now?

Hey I am
beyond a disease
I am
Bilingual Emergente
Sounds sort of
Ya know?

Not that dumb
after all
No burros allowed
in my crowd
You get me?
Say yes
Dile si,si, si (can't get the accents on Blogger)

 just my mind
Readin' off the English
Thinkin' in Spanish
What comes out of my mouth?
I am hungry
tengo hambre hombre!
Now famished!
Ya know?
Just chillin
Toma la suave
'Cause carne asada
Just met some burgers
and papas fritas
Mezclando con orgullo
cause ya gotta know
I am bilingue emergente
Proud to be

Expository Piece-Brothers by M. Ucles


I dedicate this piece of expository writing to my four older brothers!


                                                              By Maureen Ucles

     Brothers can be so annoying! They find all the most gruesome things to do to me, a younger, defenseless sibling. They should be locked up for cruel and unusual punishment! Lock them up and throw away the key.

      My brother Greg is of my worst offenders. He should be posted on America’s Most Wanted. One time, he wrestled me down, just because. The wrestling part wasn’t the worse thing. He wrestled me down and put his knees over my arms, so I couldn’t move at all. Then he teased me horribly. He pretended he was going to spit on my face. Since I could move, I had to watch him let spit go out of his mouth and almost hit me in the face.It looked sort of like a January icicle on a tree branch.  At the last moment, he sucked it up and smiled. I screamed and my faced turned blood red! “MOM!” I screamed. Then it was over. I still get angry thinking about it! So cruel and very unusual. That is totally messed up.

       Brothers have other ways to annoy little sisters too. They find little buttons to push. I absolutely hate it when my brothers come into the living room, when I watch my favorite TV shows. I lay comfortably on my couch, not bothering a soul. No a one. They won’t turn off the TV or anything like that. They only pass by the couch, where I am lounging, and then POW! They hit me on the head for no apparent reason. They love seeing me get so angry. It hurts, when they hit me on the side of my head. It makes this thud and my ears begin to ring.  I HATE IT!

       I love to eat pizza. Pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese! One of my brothers uses the pizza situation to pester me beyond belief. He orders the pizza with large amounts of cheese and pepperoni and eats it right in front of me. When I try to take a slice of it for myself, he then suddenly acts as if he has to sneeze all over it. To make matters worse, he then goes and spits on it too! Gross! I don’t touch it after that. Seeing the mucous-laden pizza makes me sick to my stomach. Yuck cubed! That is so wrong!

       Brothers! Brothers! Brothers! They do so many things that just to get on my last nerve. I don’t know why they take pleasure out of seeing me suffer. Maybe it is my face turning seven shades of red or my yelling, “ MOM!”at the tops of my lungs! Who knows? It works though. They can take me from a cool, calm and collected state to the state of exasperation, in milliseconds! STOP THE MADNESS already! Give me a break, won’t you? Brothers, brothers, brothers!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Just trying out some things

Just trying out some things
Put on a rhyme or two
Maybe three four
Out of my door
Into the vines
Ain't got the time
for me

Everything's a blur
Too darn fast
Yes, ma'am
No sir!
Can't slow down
even for a second

Throat is soar
I am devoid of feelings
running out the door
What's am I here for?

Time heals all
wounds inside
and out
Not buying it
In the least

Need to reju
Get this mess off
my plate
so full of
overwhelming sense
of velocity
inertia personified
I am

Calgon can't help me
Mama won't call
Dogs at the groomer
Not having a ball
Feel out of control
Like I lost me
My soul
Smell the rositas
No time!
No present
past and future
Just a blur!

Where I reside
Just look deep inside
You'll find no more of me
Just lost in a black hole
with no hope at all
SLOW down
put on the breaks
can't take it anymore
Wanna get away?
Southwest Airlines
Fly me to Bermuda
Throw me through the triangle
Until I can renew-
Slow down...for a second
Make sense of it all

Today, tomorrow, next week
In view
only partial
stuck on the dirty side
of Hurricane of life
When will it subside?
Winds of change a comin'
Tidal surge
I'm on the verge
of letting it go
But the change is incremental
Way too stinking slow!

One day soon
Soon never comes
Knocking on my door
bumper to bumper
Houston style
I need to get out!

Star Gazing

And it goes a little something like this...

Star Gazing

By Maureen Twinkle Ucles

Twinkle, twinkle 
Little star
Got me wonderin'
Where you are
Out in space
Light years away
Just twinkling
All the way 
to the bank?
Como no?

Twinkling there
Twinkling here
Just twinkling
for whom?
For what?
Seems all full
of nothingness

Heard someone 
If you twinkle
They will come
Only in a field
Out in far right field
dreams unrealized
Put on hold
I have
Thrown in the towel
 for the moment
at least

Twinkle, twinkle
Como brilla
Tan contenta
Little star
Got me wonderin'
So far
Oblivious to the day
That I might just
Wish it were 
Right now
This instance
Great time to
take flight
Just might
You trippin'

Twinkle, twinkle
Hits my eye
In between
Primal scream
Out of
of my mind
heart and soul

Twinkle, Twinkle
You got the ansa?
to my ponderings
chalk full of wonderins'
Trying to find some meaning
Beyond belief

by a twinkle, twinkle
from someone else's estrella
all these years
sweat, blood and some tears
for what?
Some things 
Some place
Some  thoughts
Worth it all?
Tal vez
Quien sabe voz?
but makes me not
so so encantada
got a fistful of thanks
Por favorcito
going through my
hands like water
escaping through a
being vetted for 
the last time
final sequence

So sorry, so sad
Pink slip delivered
in a brown bag
open it up
A  little later
mas tardecito voz
Ahorita voy
Can't bare the news
Can deal with it all
what I'm goin' through
Movin' on
Vaya pues
To a theatre near you
Twinkle, Twinkle

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stress Reliever

I have been feeling a little stressed lately.  When I feel that way, I know that I just need to sit down and calm myself down by writing whatever.  When I write whatever and/or blog, which ever comes first, I find that my creative juices take over and I am taken to a very comfortable place.  It doesn't have to be anything special because ideas are ideas and they must come out in order to be something.  I was thinking on my way home today that I would like to take the advice of Crystal Allen. (Why couldn't I remember her name yesterday?) I kept saying Janet Allen and I knew that wasn't correct.  Now everything is Crystal clear!  She gave me some great writing advice.  She told me that I need to write everyday.  It didn't matter what it was but I needed to hone my craft by writing everyday.  I want to become some kind of published author or poet some day.  I really do!  So I am going to take her advice and see where it goes.  So I was thinking of Truvia packets and how I love to drink iced tea.  I drink about two twenty ounce cups a day.  I always have my Truvia on hand to sweeten it naturally.  When I forget to fill my plastic bag, I get kind of perturbed.  Today I remembered to put tons in my bag for my car and in my heavy purse.  I was prepped and my day went especially nice because of Truvia!  I know. It doesn't take much to please me.  I have to have some iced tea to start my day and Truvia sweetens the hic ups along the way.  On these kinda days, curve balls don't phase me at all.  I am going with the Boston Red Sox for the World Series by the way.  Big Papi just homered over the Green Monsta!  I was screaming and shouting, much to the chagrin of my daughter.  She hates it when I get my groove on. I jump and shout and clap up a storm.  Woo Hoo!  Big Papi is in the HOOOOOOUUUUUUSEEE!  You go boy!  YEEEEESSSS!  I digress and was thinking about writing about how I love my Truvia.  I will give it a try!

Truvia Queen

I love
Packet full of joy
My tea
No calorie

My Truvia
Black Tea
Granules in flight
My beautiful
sweet, sweet

At Star
To the Buck
In line
On time
No dime
Green Tea
Treinta sized

Cinnamin Spice
So very
Two packet
without a jacket
My Truvia
So sweet

in a bunch
for lunch
in my purse
could be worse
life without
my Truvia

In my car
In a compartment
Not too far
from my reach
Drive Thru
Mickey D's
One dolla
Five packets
for me

My Life is a Packet

I don't remember exactly where this came from but I was having a conversation about packets.  So then I seized the opportunity and wrote down, "My Life is a Packet".  Sounds like a poem, I thought to myself.  So I decided to let the thought run it's course and just come out.  The next day I opened my notebook to the sentence My Life is a Packet.  I was in the middle of a meeting. Meeting. I should say, "My life is a meeting!"  It was the kind of meeting when you just want to turn off the volume or put people on mute.  Since I can't do that, I decided to let the poem flow on the pages of my notebook. People on mute, my brain on poetry!  Next poem! Well, I have found my vehicle and I kinda like it.  So here is my first take on my life as a packet.  Hope you enjoy my first attempt.

My Life is a Packet

By Maureen Packet Ucles

My Life is a Packet
What a concept, right?
Nicely stapled
Papers lined up
Just right

Take a look inside
You'll find
My life is a packet
Neatly placed
On your pristine desk
Waiting to be read
Yearning to be known
Only a 

Go ahead
Turn the page
Hey!  Anyone home?
This is so confining
Got to get going
Can't quite
Break free
From this incessant
So nicely stapled
on your pristine
Always clean
Cherry-wooden desk

Turn the page
More like
Rip 'em away!
Set the pages free
Why don't 'cha now?
Just like me
Wishin' I could explore
Not be such a bore
My sorry life
in a packet

My life
No mess
No worry
Just so very
Perhaps so
Perhaps not
I say NO!
Not in the least!
Smoke Screen
Worn down

My life
On the way
Ever Loving
Straight Jack-et
Pages exposed

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Module #1 Nuts and Bolts of STAAR Grade 4 Writing

I created a Snag It! capture today.  I loaded my PPT and explained the latest information about STAAR 4th Grade Writing.  I hope it will be helpful for those who are interested in finding out more about the 4th Grade STAAR Test.  Thanks

Love it! Monkey Love response!

Have you read Elizondo's Monkey Love poem? She just posted it on Sunday!  When I saw it, I was so pleased!  Wow!  She wrote from the heart!  I haven't had time to respond until now.  She has inspired me to write and post at least once a day. I wrote a poem today but left my notebook in another place.  I feel so lost without my dear notebook.  I will try to post it tomorrow.  Who know where it will go?  Big Kudos to Elizondo!  How many more people will follow her lead and post?  I hope more people!  That way we will be wowed by other people's work and thoughts.  It will serve as mentor text for us!  C'mon!  Take the plunge!  The water is great!

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