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Monday, March 2, 2015

TABE 2013 with Martha Martinez and Vivian Pratts

Los Matachines Dance Troop from TABE

Primary Poetry Presentation at TABE

Here is a presentation that I attended.  These wonderful first grade bilingual teacher showed how they use mentor text to help their students understand, analyze and write poetry.  I will have an interview in my next post!  It was a truly great session.  Their presentation was informative and inspiring.  They had videos showing how they work with such young and talented writers and poets.  Enjoy!

TABE! Texas Association of Bilingual Educators Conference Pics with Friends and Mentors

Here are some photos that I snapped today and yesterday.  I spent two glorious days with great friends and colleagues!  I felt honored to present the work of my hands to the wonderful educators at TABE today in Houston.  It was great meeting up with my bilingual peeps.  We are called the bilinguals.  I am using the words from Dr. Ofelia Garcia!.  She was an awesome keynote speaker this morning.  She put everything into proper perspective for me.  I also enjoyed my time with my SBISD Bilinguals such as Owaldo, Omaly, Martha, Vicky, Vivian, Sara, and the energetic Carol!  I saw Nelly and Rocio among others.  I also want to send a shout out to Berenice and her friends! They attended my session.  Former SBISD people came out in support!  Thanks Ms. Elizondo!  Steven Krashen was nothing short of outstanding in his presentation to top off Friday!  I even got to listen to Dr. Ofelia Garcia in a group conversation.  Wow!  Enjoy the pics!  One thing I learned that when I am at TABE I am truly home!  I am proud to be a Bilingual baby!  Andale!

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