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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vine App from Just Write Baby

Vine App Is So Much Fun!

Vine Downloads and Other Videos of Reading Week

Okay, I haven't posted for about a week or two.  I apologize. I was on vacation.  I made a family road trip to a land far, far away.  It was the land of green lush field and hills like mountains that roll all over the place.  The temperature was in the 70's and 80's due to the frequent on and off again rain.  I had a blast and it was great being with family again.  My daughter showed me how to use my S4 camera.  I went crazy taking pics and videos.  One feature of the Samsung S4 is the animated picture.  It is like a 5 second video without the sound that keeps replaying.  I got some really funny pics with this one.  I also was exposed the the Vine App.  It is just like the animated picture and Twitter. You have people following and people you follow.  It sort of like Instagram too.  There is sound and the sound lags which makes for funny pics.  I would like to show you some of my Vines.  The only thing about it is that it won't reply like it does on the Vine site. My S4 saves my Vines. If the technology works well tonight, I will share some photos from my trip and my Reading Abydos trip this week.  I will share more as the days go on.  I need to get my rest for tomorrow.  I am in a week long Abydos Reading Week in SBISD.  I am loving it so far.  I have great people at my table and Alana Morris and Margaret Hale are really outstanding presenters.

Ahhhh! Southern Ohio

Animated Photo as a Gif

Animated Photo at a Roadside Rest in Southern Ohio

Panoramic View

My Reader Response

Adjectives to describe the reading experience today.

Many different viewpoints....plastic

Brainstorming Adjectives to Describe the Buttons

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