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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

2013 Top Ten Memorable Moments

Top Ten Memorable Moments in 2013
(Not in any particular order)

  1. Crystal Allen commented on my blog.
  2. Gretchen Bernabei commented on my blog.
  3. My daughter started driving 
  4. My daughter started IB
  5. Trip to Ohio
  6. More from one job to another
  7. Abydos Reading Training with Portfolio
  8. Digital Project work with Alana and Michelle
  9. Paid off my car
  10. Christmas with my daughter and family
  11. Met former student at TABE conference
  12. Saturday camps with friends
  13. Martha's retirement get together
  14. Saying goodbye to friend
  15. Unknown 
  16. Time passes by too fast
  17. What's next
  18. Sickness in family
  19. Bronchitis
  20. Smile on my daughter's face

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