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Monday, March 2, 2015

Herniated Disk-The Tony Romo Saga

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, then you would know that Tony Romo is highly doubtful for Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Reports are that he has a herniated disc and is receiving treatment. If he plays on Sunday, then it will be ill advised and highly questionable.

I saw some footage of him playing on Sunday against the Redskins.  He was barely able to hand the ball off to Demarco Murray.  He was limping off the field and was constantly writhing in pain.  He bent over several times to muster up enough courage to get through the pain.  He had one sock up and the other down on his right leg.  I imagine he did that because the pain was so ferocious, shooting down his right leg, that he had to put the sock down to get a little relief.  One of the reporters stated that he had pain shooting down his leg. You could see how much pain he was experiencing, based on his facial expression.  It wasn't pretty.

If you have ever suffered from any debilitating back pain or disc herniation, then you would know just how intense the pain that Tony must have been feeling.  I had to have back surgery in years past and had those shooting pains.  I could barely function at all.  Tying my shoes was impossible.  Sitting down was not an option and sleep just wouldn't come my way.  Driving my car felt like torture, from shifting gears to opening and closing my car door.  I can't imagine how Tony Romo has even tried to run, throw and get past 250 pound beasts, nipping at his heals.  I know he had to have been hit several times in that game. That alone would be more than enough reason to throw in the towel and let Kyle Orton take over.  He threw a much needed game winning touchdown pass, with several defensive ends in hot pursuit, with less than 2 minutes left on Sunday.  After he threw the pass, he hobbled off the field.  He was reported to have an MRI the next day.

On Monday, it was reported that he would be out for the rest of the season and would need surgery. The MRI showed a herniated disc in his back that would require surgery.  The coach has stated that he was not ruled out and would be "day to day."  The Dallas Cowboys must be using this as a smoke screen to make the Eagles prepare for more than one quarterback or they are seriously taking their investment of 60 million plus of Tony's guaranteed contract lightly.  He is their franchise quarterback and a darn good one.  They should be thinking of his future with them instead of being layed out on a gurney on his way to the hospital.  If they were stupid enough to play him, in his warped condition, they would be putting him in imminent danger. Talk about a defenseless player?  He would be a sitting duck for all those hungry defensive lineman.  He wouldn't be elusive in the least.  For the Dallas Cowboy's sake and for Romo's sake, they should go with Plan B: A huge dose of DeMarco Murray and low, low doses of Kyle Orton.  What were the Cowboy's chance with Romo?  Philaphelphia is surging.  Their offense is clicking on all cylinders from Shady McCoy, DeShawn Jackson and Nick Foles.  Besides, Dallas' defense has been MIA all year long.  Why risk Tony Romo's future for this?  I certainly wouldn't.  Roll the dice with DeMarco Murray and see if it opens up some lanes for Kyle Orton to connect with the reliable Jason Whitten and the volatile Dez Bryant.  I don't think Dallas has a snow ball's chance either way, but at least with Plan B you have Tony for next year, guaranteed.  Look what happened to RG III last year. Shanahan shouldn't have played him  in the second half of the game with the SeaHawks.  He lost  too much time rehabbing that injury.  He certainly wasn't himself this year.  If only... We will see what the Dallas Cowboys decide.  I suspect that they are not giving out unnecessary information to the opposition.  I cannot fathom how they could even consider allowing Romo to further damage his back.  If only...

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