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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

About Anything?

I was talking and working with some elementary students today. We were studying some poetry and they shared some of their poems.  I showed them poetry can be about anything. So in the last few posts, I thought about how this National Poetry Month and I had better start writing and contributing more frequently to this beloved blog.  I also decided that it would be about whatever.  I am playing around with inventing characters or speakers in my poems in different situations.  Just playing around really!  It has me intrigued when the block of the poet hits me strong!  My response it to write a bunch of gibberish.  Who knows?  It might turn out to be something interesting...or not!


Poetry can be about
You must be joking
You must be jiving
Pulling my leg
Thoughts sinking
Rising to the top!

Stop for a sec!
Poetry can simply be
about anything
you please!

That can't be true!
I thought it had to be sonnets
 or iambic pentameter
maybe a Haiku
A cinquain
or two
Hold the phone!
Stop this tumultuous train!
You are sayin'
Poetry can be 
'bout anything?

It can be about
a rain drop
a three year stuffed up kid
with no Kleenex
and don't be grossed out
but he's got some serious
running down his face
seems a bit out of place 
in the Museum of
Just goo really
if you think of it that way
It's all in your point
of vista
view to you

It can be about
your mama
and baby too
I can be about
your ugly old trip to the zoo
with koalas from Lam Pour
who's run out the door
searching for 
some Eucalyptus
or some trip to 
I dunno
but what I do
Poetry, Poetry can be
just about you!

It can rhyme
all the time
or survive in
free verse
without the curse or two
Yes, poetry, poetry
can be about anything
even little, unimportant you!

You can read tons
You can search far
but the advice that I give
is right on par
with Tiger Woods
and Jack Nicolas too!
Why not start your own anthology
in the class of psychology
about the minuscule little you!


To be continued in a theatre near you!

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