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Monday, March 2, 2015

Audible on my iPod and Podcasts

I have been on a health kick from about January 10th to now.  That would be the biggest reason why I haven't been blogging.  It is not that it hasn't been in my mind to do it, but I have been getting myself into shape.  I have also been very busy with my teaching and day job too.  There are a thousands of books out there that I really don't have to time to read.

 Read?  Really?  You don't have time to read?  Well...yes and no... If it's important to you, you will make time. Yes, I have heard those words echo and echo and echo and they are true but...what if I actually decided to use my iPod for more things than listening to  Happy by Pharrell on the way home? What if I actually downloaded some educational podcasts and such?  What if  I used Amazon for more than stocking my library with great books, professional and other and began to read them?  What then? Okay, I be you are geting to the point already, right?

 I am on a new digital dimension.  I am going to use my iPod in my car to listen to podcasts and Audible from Amazon to listen to books, as I ride along in the horrendous and pathetic Houston traffic!  Yes, I have found a great win, win for myself.  I can listen to podcasts about the Fat2FitHQ Fit2FitHQ and get tips on being healthier while listening to my good friend Carol Salva.  Then I can be whisked away by The Book Whisperer (Donalyn Miller)The Book Whisperer Blog on Audible Audible by Amazon. I can't wait to buy more books like hers on Audible. So much time, so many books and podcasts!  I also love listening to Kelly Gallagher and Jeff Anderson interviews on Choice Literacy Choice Literacy Podcasts.  What more will I discover?  I don't know but now when I go to Planet Fitness and walk the longest miles on the treadmill, I won't be alone.  I can walk it with the best in professional books and conversations too!  Hey, that gets me thinking!  Now I really want to bridge into podcasting! I would love to interview some great people out there.  Vamos a ver! We will see!  Who knew that traffic could be good for my soul?  The only thing it was good for in the past was raising my blood pressure with choice words!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Link to Young Poets in the Wild Word Document

If you would like to download of copy of the anthology Young Poets in the Wild, go to the link below entitled Young Poets in the Wild.  The first drafts of poetry were written by 5th grade poets from two elementary schools.  I worked with them in reading my poetry and other poets. We read and analyzed them using the analysis pyramid. I then nudged and encouraged them to try their hand at poetry.  Each day, they were asked to write a poem about anything they wanted. I used this  to end the class and to explore more at home.  Each day they brought back their own first drafts of their poetry.  They were so excited to share the works of their mind and hands!  We studied  and also analyzed their poetry, based on what we previously studied.  Do you need mentor text?  Now we have more. I would love to hear your comments so that I can share them with the young poets.

Here is the link:

Young Poets in the Wild

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