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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015



I decided that for August that I would try to post everyday.  I would post whatever I am exploring in writing and life. 

I didn't have much time to post this morning because I was off to the dentist. "Ouch!"I thought as I parked my car.  I wondered how it would go and how long I would be in the chair.

Chairs are important.  It is all situational if you think about it.  Chairs could have many connotations, chalk full of  great experiences or not. I think of the easy chair.  Just sitting in a comfy chair like a recliner --the Lazy Boy kind or one that has an ottoman.  Next to me is my black iced tea, with 5 Truvia packets recently opened, poured and now disgarded, next to a sweating Treinta-sized tea from Star Bucks.  That is a great way to chill!

In that ease, I am loving the chair, as I have my laptop on my lap and  am browsing through Amazon and tracking my packages.  If this were today, I would be anxiously awaiting my new Clarks dress shoes.  I am currently wearing my new Clarks that happen to be shiny and brown.  I am wearing some awkward looking, thick athletic socks to stretch them out.  I don't usually have  much luck with shoes. I am not at a 10 or an 11.  I am medium width, not wide.  Dress shoes are hard to find that meet my comfort criteria.  Since I discovered Clarks, I won't buy any other. Comfort is their middle name.  So I took a risk and bought another pair of Clarks off of Amazon.  I am waiting my black pair soon.  Love to track the Prime packages.  If you don't have Prime on Amazon, you haven't truly lived.  Prime on Amazon means that I get my packages free of shipping and they are at my door in two days.

Getting back to the chair idea.  Okay, so I was thinking about the easy chair, unless you are waiting in the dentist's office.  I usually hear some kind of drilling and my teeth cry and say, "You have got to be kidding me!  You don't take care of me enough.  A little flossing wouldn't kill you, would it?  You bring me here to be drilled and scraped and then a root canal?  Give me a break, will ya?" I take the time to explain to my teeth that it won't be so bad.  No root canal and reshaping of the crown.  No, this is just a cleaning.  What can grow wrong, right?  You never know.

Today the chair wasn't that painful.  It was a sort of easy chair because I didn't have a root canal.  The dentist cleaned up some build up.  Nothing to write home about.  My teeth were thankful and they loved the polishing.  I had to help the hygienist hold the tube that drinks up all the water in the mouth.  Never had that responsibility before.  I was out in 20 minutes, with little to no pain...semi easy chair.

Speaking of chairs.  I think I would like the therapist's chair.  It would be great to go to someone to vent and have them be actually interested in what is going on in my life.  That type of chair is tranquility cubed.  Tranquility chair.

Then there is the work chair.  The work chair that I have right now is blue, without side handles. It rolls with me.  It is comfortable.   Not too chair.

I have a chair in my living room.  I use it when I watch TV and write on this blog.  This chair is a thrift store delight. I bought it at Angel's Attic close to Christmas one year.  It has no side handles because I took them off.  My cats like to use it for a scratching pole. You might be horrified at that thought, but since I paid only 25 dollars for this seven years ago, I am not going to have a hissy fit over that.  It is extremely comfortable. Lounging chair.

Then there are more challenging chairs.  I remember the reassignment chair, after budget cuts. Everyone's positions were dissolved.  We had to go in this room to sit next to our trusted bosses. I almost had an asthma attack. My heart was beating through my chest and onto the table.  I was so worried about losing my job and finding another.  I saw every one's face, as they exited the side door. It wasn't pretty.  I was asked to sit down in a nice table seat.  I learned my fate, but heard about other options and interviews.  Had to redo my resume that week.  I don't remember how comfortable the chair was or could even describe it to you.  It was a hot chair.

There is the chair that requires my presence for hours and hours at a time.  That chair has to be comfortable or I will have to get up and stretch or move several times.  The restroom break is always on my mind.  This chair is very patient, as I have a hard time staying put.  This is the meeting chair...meeting chair.

Finally, the last chair that comes to mind is the electric chair. I haven't experienced the one in the Huntsville, Texas prison system.  If I had, then I obviously would not be writing this post.  I was electric chair...depends on your purpose for using it.
thinking of the electric chair that has heat and massage options.  My friend had such a chair.  It massaged the legs and added heat.  That sounds like the chair for me. One time, I bought a massage type of apparatus that you could put on your lounger. It has a control panel attached to it.  It was supposed to massage your back.  I bought it at Angel's Attic for a decent price.  When I tried it out, I was extremely disappointed.  It felt more like the electric chair from Huntsville. It tore into my back!  Nah! Didn't like it.  An electric chair can be a good or bad thing...

Starting out with nothing and moving to chairs led me in a new unexplored path.  What will my next post bring?  To be revised very soon!

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