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--Dr. Seuss

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child

Here is a piece that I am currently working on in the Abydos Training.  Shame that we can only have one Reflexive Piece.  I have so much to explore but to decide on this will be a hard one.

Are you Destiny's Child?  Are you predisposed or predetermined?  Have you become who you are and who you will be because of destiny?   May I even say doomed?  Do you have a choice or is it "serendipity' or some other Oprahlike Universal pull on your central nervous system?  Do I believe in destiny? Nah!  I don't think so. Not really. I don't think it exists because that presupposes that you don't have a choice in who you are and who you will become.  It presupposes that we don't have free will to choose and decide for ourselves.  It's like a pipe dream to think of the destiny things as this prince charming that is supposed to arrive and everything is just peachy or will be peachy.  But you know life doesn't always work out that way in the peachy area. Sometimes you have the lemons and then there's the lemonaide anology. With lemonaide you have a choice to do something.  I mean if life is peachy we always say that it is destiny and if it's more like vinegar then it's our stupid choices or life has handed us some really horrible cards. Queen of Spades playing Hearts can be quite concerting.  But what if I decide to get rid of her and wait it out? Huh? Or do I just say, "Oh, well!  It's destiny and be done with it?  But hey you have to deal with hand that life has given you, right?. Then you will say that life is destiny.  I don't know all the answers but I do know that we are the sum total of all our experiences.  We make our way one way or another through our circumstances, how we react or are proactive with them.  It's like our life is made up of who we are when we are born and our parents and the stimulus thing.  Then we grow and learn and make choices for ourselves.  Sometimes we don't have a choice about things like our heredity but others we do.  I think most people view destiny as something positive when something positive is happening and when something goes awry, then it's something else. Finally, they get to the bottom of where they are and realize it was destiny and are resigned to their circumstances.  To me, life is a sum total of all the experiences we have and our decisions to handle or not handle things in different ways.  I think within this hurricane of life we do have choices and there are things we have the power over or not.  But ultimately it is about what we can do about it. It's up to us. Destiny's child?  I am my mother's child.  That is what I know.  I have the ability to decide how I react or what I can do in this life. Jayz and Beyonce Knowles can do the same.  I don't choose their lot in life and they haven't called me yet to let me know their plans about my lot.  So, I will live my life out of the Oprah Universe Zone and see what happens.  Who knows what will happen?  Certainly is thought provoking to consider my "destiny" 'cause it's not outside but inside of me.  Please!

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