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Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Too, Too Much

Revised Too....Too...Much

By Maureen Ucles

Where do I go?
Where do I hide?
Where do I reside?
Where it is wrong
Where it is right
Where it's not so kosher
Out of plain sight?

I dunno
I really can't say
My mouth
has been silenced
expunged, expunged in full view
It's just that way
My furlough been rejected

You know you presuppose
Way too much
Don't see the whole truth
My truth
I dunno

If you could only see
What I see
Hear what I hear
Then you'd get off your
box of Tide with bleach
Heart open wide
And maybe
Just maybe
see things in another vein
without all the nonsense
and the pain
that you cause
deep, deep inside

Is it possible though
I just am abysmal
I just don't know
Cause you will never see
the things I witness
on a day to day
in the trenches
dirt plastered over my soul
But you just can't
in your pompuous ivory tower
all dripping with power
in the box
refined with darkened, depleted iron clad walls
incarcerated, incarcerated
to the bone
through and through with no where
plastered on the decrepit sides
no where indeed
my destination
from you

Who thought you knew?
Guess you really don't
'cause then why do I feel so
so so... too...too...too..
so so... too....too...too
too this and too that
feel like I've been slapped
red faced
scarlet lettered
upper and lower cased
charred with the remains
of your hand print
etched  to the insane
in the membrane
saudered into my brain
throbbing, throbbing

I wish I could
But there's no way
No way out
of this inferno that
Dante couldn't even fathom
I cannot escape
this interminable hell
left alone in my sarcophagus
to rot, rot, rot
Seems all for naught
Nothingness encompasses
who I am
who I will be
you got a hold of me
won't let go
death knocks
knocks again
but anything is better
than this state
utter state of
where I lay waste

No more time
no more.... more
just too...too

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