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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Echo Reading

Here is a partial view of my Abydos Reading Week Notebook.  I have been having a great time making it.  I know I will use this in the future with students and maybe some possible trainings.  I have been on this colorful kick since about January.  It has infected me and  I am terminal.  I love it!

Just An Echo

Here is a poem that I composed.  It's not finished by any stretch of the imagination.  We read for about 45 minutes and then we were to reflect on our reading time.  I then wrote a poem as a creative response about how my reading resonated with me yesterday.  Here it is:

          Just An Echo

In the worst way
Don't know much 
'bout echos
Echos in my reading today
I mean
I read about Reading and The Brain 
I suppose I had some
But I think
I need a bat
To swoop down
Help me, help me
with my 
Echos, Echos, Echos
In my reading

I continued
Determined in the quite
Wanted to find out more
'bout Reading in the Brain
After a short while
Wiped the poor smile
from my mind
20 minutes or so
No echos, echos, echos
More like cobwebs, cobwebs
Heavy eye lids
Tempting me to slumber
with yawns galore
Where's the bat?

Abandoned without a thought
My brain on tired reading
Kicked it to the curb
Moved onto my main man Amen
Amen! Amen! Amen!
Use Your Brain to Change Your Age
Was foggy, groggy
No echos

Case study
From Use Your Brain
No energy
Only lethargy
Lethargy cubed
So what to do?
Bat in hand
More greens
Spinach full of protein
Carbs late
Protein early

You have got my attention

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