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Monday, March 2, 2015

Elizabeth Poem

So in the last post, I tried to capture the essence of Elizabeth from my Spanish poem to my English poem.  I am going to post the English Version and Spanish Version in one post.  Hope you enjoy!  Remember this is not a direct translation-essence only. Gretchen Bernabei suggested that I write the English form for all.  So here it is.  Thanks for the suggestion!


I hear chuckles and laughter 
Laughter that fills my soul
The smells of candles
Candles lit with fragrances
fill the air
 Aromas of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie
Delicious smells of sugar cookies
fresh from the oven

Just to be at your side
catching some flicks
talking until late into the night
listening to your stories
about your day...

I think about days gone by
when you were little
with your sweet inviting smile
just playing, playing, playing
Now you have transformed
into an elegant and beautiful young lady
a young lady full of promise, promise, promise
How did you grow up so fast?
Like a weed--
before my eyes
So very fast?

You take great pride out of
making me laugh
until my stomach hurts and
I am all out of breath
with your jokes
and crazy antics
 the faces
Oh the faces you make!
What length you will take
just to make
 me smile
and laugh!

My dream is for you 
to be happy
That you all your dreams
become a reality--
even though
may not know
what they are...
right now

I believe 
 whatever you do
you will be fine 
as you go forth
your path will illuminate
the love that you carry 
your enormous, caring heart
that beautiful, compassionate

I believe in you
my dear child
what pride 
you instill within me
with your creativity,
resilience and determination 
there is no one
who can compare
to you
in all this world
remember that--

I am one insanely happy mother
supremely blessed
my life changed forever
by you
thank you baby
thank you

Spanish Elizabeth Below


Oigo risas y carcajadas
Percibo el olor de velas de fragancia
de calabazas y galletitas de azúcar
calentitas del horno

Me siento bien contenta
más que nada
estar a tu lado
viendo los programas de
la tele o
hablando muy de noche
de lo que pasaste
durante tú día…
tú vida

Sufro mucho pensando en ayer
como estabas tan chiquita
con una sonrisa tan grande
jugando, jugando, jugando
Ahorita te quedas tan elegante
Eres una muchachita llena de promesas
¿Cómo creciste tan, pero, tan rápido?

Te gusta hacerme reír
con tus chistes y locuras
Sueño verte tan feliz
en tu futuro seguro
realizarás tus propios sueños
que todavía no sabes
por completo

Me magino que tu saldrás adelante
y alumbrarás tu camino con
caridad y buen corazón
siempre... con su buen corazón

Creo en ti mijita
que orgullo
me das
con tu creatividad y determinación
no hay nadie

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