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Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

Furlough and Omaly's Poetry

To get the cobwebs out of my mind, I like to start my day with a coffee and a poem.  There's something about writing and reading that calms me down and if I don't get to do either one before I start my day, I feel out of sorts.  So here goes...


I am finally free
sort of...
 on furlough
from this purgation
torment nation
just leaving the station
a sort of...
brief, brief reprieve

So I am free
at last?
For today and from my past?
Who knows how?
Who knows when?
Will I exit stage right
Take an exodus-like flight
into the unknown

'til the doubt
settles in
voices chime and chime and chime
Sometimes a clamouring clanging symbol
deafens, darkens
 my soul

I am on furlough
waiting to be
released from this cruel confinement
out in perpetuity
maybe for eternity?
I don't know

for some time
drink it all in
time to unwind
let the shackles fall
get into the zone
let it all flow
into something
out of this blasted box
into the surreal...

Walking away
out of this
prison cell
from the yard
throwing away the chains
scrubbing the charred remains
from my skin
my mind
my heart
walking through
the gate
seems a bit
even so
I am free
for now

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Poem A Day...

A Poem A Day

It's that time again
Poem a day
Until I am old and gray
Spring time finally
has sprung
out of 
March's snare
Branches bowing
to the ice
in the street
wasn't quite
so so
to say
the least

Poem a day
when I don't know what to say
Do I hafta rhyme?
Is it about that time?
Could I be sublime?
In my poem
Poem of the day

Poem of the day
Can be
what I want
from a log cabin
to Aunt Jamima
so sweet
pancakes with butter
drenched in syrup
of the maple kind
or honey?
I am so hungry

Poem of the day
don't have much to say
'cause it is late
watching the tube
Heat vs Memphis
wish Mark Gasol
would ignite
a fire
under Z-bow
just so
once more

Poem of the day
Not going to rhyme
Not at all
Breakin' the rules
Don't tell any of those
prudes who
criticize and woo
the unsuspecting people 
who are listening 
to whom?
Not me
That's for sure
I just jest
or do I play?
Can't really say
I'm in the zone
ballin' out
in my poem,
of the 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poesia donde quiera

A friend of mine sent me this poem via email today.  She was inspired by the Marias poem of yesterday.  She wrote this poem in her classroom.  I will post the final version soon, but this is what she had produced with her class!

Enjoy!  More poetry in the wild!

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