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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

In November-December and November 2013 Posts

I need a shot of vitamin C and three posts a day!  Maybe it will keep me sane and my wonderful doctor away!  I went to my doctor this week.  I really like my doctor.  He is very caring, kind and has a great sense of humor.  I feel I need to offer an apology every time I see him because he sees me at my worst.  I don't go see him when I am at my best.  He knows me very, very well.  Last year I went to see him around the same time of year and he wanted to put me in the hospital.  I begged and pleaded with him to let me stay at home and recuperate.  I went for follow up visits and after 21 days of antibiotics, I was on the road to recovery.  This Monday, I knew I wasn't as bad as last November, but wondered if he would suggest the hospital visit.  I was prepared to give him every reason alive to not explore that route.  He didn't have the super concerned look, as he sometimes has with me.  He listened to me breath and said, "You have severe bronchitis.  Take these antibiotics and if you aren't better by Thursday, come see me."  I was so relieved because I thought he would have me get a chest x ray and later pronounce a hospital sentence.  Nope!  Not this time!  I had fever that morning, so I knew I was sick and my breathing has been suspect, so I asked him about work. "A week!  No work for a week!  This could go into pneumonia!"  "Okay," I said," but what if I am feeling better by Friday?"  He looked a me and said, "Maybe but a week will do you some good!"  So now I am in a self imposed "vacation" full of Halls Honey and Lemon Cough Drops, Vick's Vapor Rub, Puff Ultra Soft and Strong Tissues and plenty of soup.  In addition to the aforementioned luxurious items that accompany my bronchial stay, I have a great view of my back yard replete with leaves, pine needles and furry white MaltesePoos that decorate the spotty green grass.  It is a breath taking view and in front I get to look at my car parked so nicely next to my garage and I can see my mail box peering back at me.  I should be cyber Tuesday and Wednesdaying but I haven't had any itching to shop for Christmas yet.  This "vacation" is full of cats sitting next to me on my living room chair waiting for skin scratching and belly rubs followed by hearty scratches back. Ouch!
I am going to enjoy my vacation time this week if my energy supply is upgraded to normal  beyond the couch and bed. Hopefully tomorrow the fever will subside completely.  I can't say that about my nagging double clutch cough.  No, this nasty cough will be around for a while.  And so, you might just be seeing me post more than normal because that is what I do when I am on vacation, except I usually have my daughter, sister and nephews with me, as we traverse the highways and byways to reach the Southern Ohio Hills.  Close to home is where I would like to be, chatting up a storm with Mom about Tom Cruise, Oprah and Beyonce.  Then we would move onto the latest and greatest information about the annoying neighbors down the street who don't know who to take care of their cats.  How I wish I could be there with Mom shooting the breeze and sipping some great vegetable soup, which could cure whatever ails me!  Nope!  I will call her in my free time from passing from my bedroom to living room, to see what the cats are up to now or take my third nap of the day.  Vacation time!  Gotta love it! Nope, not really. Wish I didn't have it this time of year!

Moratorium on Posting

There has been a moratorium on my posting lately imposed by bronchitis and his minions.  Oh the horror! The cruelty is beyond compare.  No energy left to create and write about snowflakes in December and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Nope! That dastardly moratorium imposed upon my will and very being is tantamount to Marshall Law!.  I am locked in a cocoon full of freezing days and nights and headaches galore.  But alas, today has dawned and gone and I feel that the dreaded moratorium has been lifted, for now.  Yes!  More time for hot tea and kittens on my lap purring their purring song.  Christmas lights  out of my window so nicely placed by my daughter dear!  Sleigh ringing in my mind and on Acura commercials that make me wonder: "Who thought of this type of commercial and how will I endure seeing it over and over?"  Just put down the remote and turn on the lap top and let it all fly around like Rudolph and friends on the island without de plane, de plane! No this is not the  island of the misfits or any fantasy at all, but pure bliss.  Blogging!  Blogging! Blogging!  My destresser delight!  Now I have got some kick and fight.  Maybe the moratorium will crumble under due pressure from amoxocillin 500 mg, accompanied by little or no work emails and lots of rest.  I am already tired of ESPN and First Take reruns!  I thought that could never happens or come to this. It is  okay for now until I am thoroughly bored out of my mind.  Maybe there is some spark or energy emerging through these diseased lungs of mine.  Maybe just maybe, I am on my way back!

Why? Why? Why?

Why?  Why?  Why?

Why do I feel so
without a tan
in the middle of 
without a coat
in the middle
of a blizzard?

Why does my nose
With no place to go?
From here to fro'
I dunno

Why oh why?
Does the thermometer
up into the hundreds
head throbbing

Why oh why?
Do I cough, cough, cough
Isn't it enough,
that I feel so blue
not so true
a little un-glue
Thanksgiving and beyond
every year
without fail
Immune system
goes down
like the Nasdaq

Wish I could
live a little
without the
too big
of a wheeze
doc again?
Same old meds
messin' up
my intestinal track
stomach ache
to be exact
when will it end?
or end me?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Ohio State Versus Michigan

The game that I have been anticipating all year is upon me.  Ohio State Buckeyes will be playing the Michigan Wolverines tomorrow at 11am.  I am going to watch the whole game.  My daughter will be joining me.  This is a game that I watch every year.  In reality, it is the only game that matters.  It doesn't matter that Ohio State is undefeated from last season and are ranked number three in the nation.  It doesn't matter that Michigan is playing horribly this year.  It doesn't matter that the game will be at the Big House in Michigan.  All that matters is that Ohio State wins this game.  I have a lot riding on this game. Simply said I have bragging rights on the line.  I work with some die hard Michigan alumni.  We always jab at each other during the year about how our teams are doing.  I haven't had any rights or left hand hooks land this year since there are not jabs for me.  As for my Michigan friends, I have had so many jabs and hooks that I am surprised that they are still standing!  Michigan's season has much to be desired and so I think that they would love to play the spoiler this year. They don't have even a snow balls chance against the Buckeyes!  Braxton Miller and company will have much to say about the Buckeyes winning by a landslide.  Urban Meyer should be voted in to become Coach of the Year for The Ohio State Buckeyes.  I am sooooooo  looking forward to this.  Go BUCKS!

The past 15 years or so the Ohio State Buckeyes have dominated this rivalry in football, the only sport that matters in this rivalry.  I take such pleasure in the period of joy.  I remember as a kid watching the Ohio State Michigan games where Bo Schembechler seemed to win against Woody Hayes,  Earle Bruce and John Cooper. Those days were so depressing because Ohio State was a on  roll and possibly in line for a national championship multiple times to be upset by Michigan!  I hated those days.  Since Tressler took over and now to Urban Meyer, the Bucks have embarrassed Michigan.  Let the embarrassment continue!

Visit to the Dentist

I went to the dentist today hoping for some relief from this nagging throbbing, throbbing pain.  I wasn't sure what it was or the treatment but was content that I would get some relief today.  I went into the office a little ancy because I knew it would probably hurt some.  It would hurt some in my pocketbook and in my mouth. The attendant took x rays of the area that was painful.  She shared with me that pain travels because my upper teeth have been sensitive to cold and hot food too.  My jaw is now hurting me too.  I think that, day by day, the pain seems to be more pronounced.

The dentist checked the x ray and then did a tap test on my back teeth.  He looked them over and said I had a crack in my back molar.  I told him the pain was coming from the second to last molar.  He said that he wasn't for sure which tooth was causing the pain.  I didn't have any cavities but he thought that I would need a root canal and have a crown made for the tooth in question.  I kept hearing a cash register ring up in my mind and am hoping that it won't break my Christmas gift bank. Root canal + CROWN = big bucks! We will see.  So I was prepared to get the root canal with all the pleasantries that it would afford.  The kind dentist seemed hesitant  to do any further work because he could not ascertain which tooth was the culprit.  So he referred me to a specialist on Monday. The specialist was not holding holiday hours. I hope that I can get in on Monday and he assured me that it would be no problem.  I just might have to wait all day and be on call.  This worries me because everyday the pain in my mouth and jaw has been getting worse.  I hope that I can withstand the pain until Monday.

So the Black Friday transformed itself into a potentially costly Bleak Friday as far as my pocketbook and mouth is concerned.  I do hope that I can get some relief and finality on Monday and that it won't break the bank.  Why is it that every year, without fail, something costly happens to me?  Last year I had developed pneumonia and my car broke down to a tune of 890 dollars.  I am happy that I don't have pneumonia and my car needed some repairs last weekend.  Late November and December seem to always bring on the unexpected costs.  I remember one year, when I was young, my mom sent my sister and brother out to get a Christmas Tree.  We found a nice tree for  a good price and put it in the trunk. We drove home and my brother was backing up into his parking spot close to the house.  My sister opened the passenger car door right next to a telephone pole and almost tore the door from the hinges.  The door was messed up.  You could shut it only once but couldn't open it from passenger side. We had to tie it with a rope to secure it to the seat so it wouldn't fall off.  Not even duct tape would help this pitiful situation. Because the door wouldn't completely shut, we would feel the frigid December air flood inside the car.  Any ride in the car was quite cold!  The heater couldn't compensate for the invasion of freezing air up North.  My mom said that is was the most expressive Christmas Tree she ever bought!  So I suppose I need to expect something costly to happen.  I think that I will have paid my expensive upheaval with this molar malaise.  We will see!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Hope your day is filled with moist turkey, stuffing to die for, real creamy yet lumpy mashed potatoes with skin, gravy galore and cranberry salad to top it off.  Don't forget the deviled eggs and Durkey green been casserole with some machination of sweet potatoes or yams.  Belly stuffed but then save some room for some great pumpkin pie topped with pecans and whipped topping.  There also may be other types of pies like my mom's great pecan or apple pie a la mode.  This is Thanksgiving!

Bring on the family and friends gathered around a nicely decorated table big enough to host this heavenly feast. Heads bowed, hands held, thanking God, as one person says grace with a hearty Amen! Bring on the blessings from above and remembrances of how we are truly blessed.  I am grateful for... Glasses raised, smiles on our faces, mouths watering, ready to dig in and savor this Thanksgiving moment. Laughter permeates the room as we pass around the delectable potpourri of much awaited Autumn's delight.  Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, casseroles, deviled eggs, stuffing and hot wheat rolls fill our plates and our pallets.

Time to step back from the table. Walk into the living room and plop down on the couch.  Blanket in hand, shared with all on the couches, and floor. We are ready to rest while watching some Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboy football games.  Sleep knocks on my door as my head bobbles and my eyes become hazy. We are in a stupor of Thanksgiving bliss.

"Anyone have room for some pumpkin pie?" my mom asks. We awake half dazed and get up and fill our plates with a hearty piece of pie topped with an enormous amount of whipped cream.  Dark black coffee follows.  Just right!  Who's winning?  Who cares.  We are just happy to be together for this wonderful Thanksgiving.  Night falls and we wake up from our stupor to play lots of family games and watch tear jerking holiday movies straight from the Hallmark Channel.  Ah!  Thanksgiving!  Gotta love it!  Family, food, laughter and football!  Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Digital Writing is Digital Writing Even If It's Facebook

I post on Facebook periodically.  I sometime share quotes and pics mostly. I scroll through my friend's posts.  Tonight I shared my picks for the Gridiron Challenge.  I loved doing this.  Sometimes I feel I could work for ESPN in my analysis.  Analysis is analysis.  This is expository writing.  There is great value to digital writing in the different social networks.  Being that we learn co-construct meaning together and that writing is meant to be share, social media and the digital world collide to provide an avenue for writing.  I think there is great value in sounding off on what you think. I can choose what I want to and then share it with my audience who love the same topics that I do.  Real world peer writing.  Something to consider.  Here is what I posted tonight about football.
Okay I have ventured to the Patriots this week. I have Tom Terrific and Gronk. Since Gronk has been back, he is one of Tom's favorite target and TD hog. They are playing Houston and the Texans have no fight left. So I figure Brady will do his thing and have 3 to 4 touchdowns. Then I moved over and am giving Stafford a Thanksgiving boost. Green Bay's defense is not that good. The Lions need to win and so Megatron will do very well this week. Then I have Montee Ball from the Big Ten to get to the end zone against KC. Phillip Rivers lit them up last week and two of their bigs on the line are hurt. I also have Demarius Thomas to do great for Peyton. Peyton only threw for 2 TDs with his high ankle sprain. I am hesitant to pick him against the noise in KC. If he were healthy then it would be a no brainer. I have San Fran for defense and Denver's kicker for some points in the kicking game.He is good for about 12 points.  If Peyton can't connect for multiple touchdowns, then Prater can connect throught the uprights.  He is more than accurate.  Lastly, I went "Beast Mode" and picked Seattle's Marshawn Lynch. He is playing in Seattle and can run through the Saints Defense all day.  Give him the ball Jim Harbaugh.  He can carry the whole team on his shoulders. He's good for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns. Vamos a ver!  We'll see. So, on paper I expect to have a profitable week. We will see. Brees is out this week because the Saints are playing in extra loud Seattle. No one does well there. So I figure Brees will be mediocre with the pressure defense and the Legion of Boom. I wish him well. Still teetering on Peyton or Stafford. Any advice? Anyone? Bueler?

In November

In November

By Maureen Ucles

In November
Trees stretching
Brilliant Colors
Just look around

In November
cool breeze a' blowin'
not quite snowing
'cept in Huntsville

In November
Sweater touting
Mittens, Scarfs, Sweatshirt
Football Shouting!
First and ten!
We win!

In November
Squirrels gathering
to and fro
zig zag
zaggety zip
up a tree
onto the roof

In November
apple cider
hot or cold
cinnamon sticks

In November
pumpkin pie
whip cream delight
corn bread stuffing
my belly puffing 
filled to the brim
L-tryptophan inducing
eyes so heavygiving innappingon the couchas I watch the Cowboyseat legs of Turduckinafter the gameyawningtime for some pie?I won't lieA slice with coffeeand whip creamNovember

full of family
and friends
well wishes
Catch Phrases
Apples to Apples
the wee hours
of the morn
Wake Up!
Black Friday!
It's November
Bring a coat!
In November

Top Ten Sports List

Top Ten Sports List
(In no particular order)
  1. Ohio State Buckeyes Still Undefeated after all these years!
  2. Peyton Manning touchdown machine!
  3. Ohio State beats Michigan in the Big House
  4. Denver's Offense-Peyton, Demarius, Decker, Welker, Moreno, Thomas, Ball
  5. Cris Carter to the Hall of Fame-'bout time-C'mon Man!
  6. Braxton Miller and Kenny Guytan-Great QBs for the Buckeyes
  7. Urban Meyer-Coach of the Year!
  8. Ohio State Buckeyes!  Go Bucks! Number 3 in the BCS!
  9. Boston Red Sox-World Series Champs
  10. Big Papi! Inspirational leader!

Top Ten Thankful List!

Random Top Ten Thanksgiving List-10 being the most important and one being the least-

  1. The Cold, Cold Weather
  2. Rain, Rain, Rain
  3. Electric Blankets
  4. Potato Soup
  5. Getting 20 Points from the San Francisco Defense 
  6. The Houston Rockets are relevant!
  7. Working with Donna at the office
  8. Watching First Take Daily-Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless
  9. Posting on my blog
  10. My beautiful Daughter

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