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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

Love Goes to Cleveland from the Archives of Just Write Baby

I am slowly, but surely going to be adding to a new blog that I have created.  Cosmetically it is not ready yet, but nonetheless has been created. I created it on my other email account.  I am currently considering having the same background or I might change it. I want to play around with the templates and see what I think would work best.  I am also going to add all the same resources and add some new ones.  Once it is up and going, I plan on posting to both and eventually, moving over it.  These are all just thoughts right now.  It will take some time, for sure.

When I first created this blog, it was a work in the progress and has definitely evolved.  I created it under an email that I cannot control.  I don't know how to change it to the email that I prefer, so I thought I would just transition over.  Since this blog has evolved in so many ways, I would like Just Write Baby 1 2 3 to serve many purposes.  The main purpose is to share ideas and my writing.  These ideas could be ideas about teaching, journal entries, wonderings, advice, videos, tech tools review and anything about literacy and writing.  I want that to continue, but I also want it to be about whatever I would  like to post and am exploring in my life in writing and literacy.  I want to own this, not the email that is currently under.  So here is the blog. It is still called Just Write Baby! The web address is different.  It is .  I have added a link

I caution you, it is not where I want it yet. I am not afraid to but it out there, as life is under construction, so this blog is under construction.  It will morph into something grand.  Come over and visit!  I am going to post something soon! In the future, I will leave updates on this blog about it too.

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