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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Strange Addiction-The Book Hoarder-QEP

Every time I come to a conference, I always say to myself, " This time you are not going to buy too many books from QEP! Only 2 or 3... max!" So what did I do? Steer clear of booth? Just walk away? Nope. Because I wouldn't be able to peruse the latest professional books and not be able to chat with the nice QEP ladies, I just had to go to their booth. Sadly,  I went immediately, without hesitation. Beeline.Pathetic  No self control?  Yepper skipper, you got it! 

It all comes down to rationalization and little persuasion.  As soon as I start conversing with the QEP ladies, I start this excruciating interior battle. "Should I?  Well, you know you could use this one for this and that one for..." Then I am a goner! Done! White surrender flag in hand. There really isn't any arm twisting or coaxing because, with me, it doesn't take much.  So then  I succumbed to this strange addition to purchasing an inordinate amount of professional books. 

Books, books, books!  You can never have enough. Maybe I am the Book Hoarder. Pretty soon I am going to have my own show on TLC.  Donalyn Miller's great book is called The Book Whisperer and I think I should author a self help book called  The Book Hoarder! I am strongly considering forming a self help group called Book Hoarders Anonymous (BHA). It would consist of a 12 page program. I imagine it will go a little something like this: "Hello, my name is Maureen and I am the Book Hoarder," I would say. My recovering folks would respond in nice sweet voices, "Welcome Maureen. Now turn the page!" I just can't say no!

Ya know, if I am The Book Hoarder than the QEP ladies are my enablers.  They have such inviting voices and show me the latest books. "Well have you seen the newest book from..?" That's when I  become a helpless puppy.  I am sure my buyer's eyes dilate and I start to salivate.  I must seriously look pathetic!  Sickly pathetic.  Such is my life as a book hoarder!  I guess I could have worse additions like eating dirt, or carrying and sniffing Lysol everywhere I go.  

You know the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, right?  Well, I am not totally there yet, because I am still rationalizing.  I am not on page twelve. No sir!. I think it's more like page one.  I am sorry did I mention pages?  Is that a new book?

All kidding aside (am I though?), below you will see the books that I purchased today.  I included a photo of the great enablers and supporters of my nasty habit, the QEP ladies! Seriously, they are very helpful and great to chat with all the time. Happy reading!

QEP Ladies-My enablers

I am super excited about this one!

This one looks grand and it didn't cost me one!

Cool little flip book on poetry with lots of examples!

Can't wait to dig into this one!

This one looked pretty decent!

Loved his last on about students and poverty!  Couldn't put it down! Can't wait for this one!

When am I going to sleep?  Too many good books to read!

Another great read!

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