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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

QEP Book Hoarder Continued

I reposted yesterday from when I went to the TCTELA Conference. The tone of the post was playful, but the facts are nonetheless true.  I am a book hoarder. I admit it.  My house admits it and the trunk of my car can tell a few sobering tales of over piling book abuse. I did finally clean the trunk out so that a few of my friends could store their luggage on a road trip. My garage is now complaining of less space. What to do?

There is good news, however.  Well, I think that I am in recovery. Is that possible to be a recovering book-a-holic and book hoarder? I think that they are one in the same. I love to read and collect books. Love it, love it, love it! I won't throw any book away unless they are on their last page. (Couldn't say leg. That wouldn't make any sense, nor does page...but...)

Back to the good news. When I went to TCTELA Conference this past January, I only bought one book.  Yes, only one book. I know is seems impossible, but it really happened. I was too busy to go to the exhibitor's hall. QEP had their little Kiosk on the periphery. I couldn't resist saying no entirely.

When I  recently attended the Abydos Conference this past weekend in Dallas, I only bought four books. Just four! I tried to stay away from the QEP stand and wait until late Saturday to buy.  I couldn't resist saying hi and catching up with the QEP ladies.  They are so nice to chat with.  When I did have 5 minutes to browse, I literally started to salivate.  Oh my goodness, there were some very great titles to buy.  I picked up about eight books and then put half back.  Do I have enough money to buy all of these?  Will I have time to read them now or can I order it later? How much is that one? Oh, my goodness! I had to make a snap decision and say no to the other four and wait until later.  I bought a poetry book which I think is going to be fantastic. I bought a book on fluency, and two more from the discount rack.  Not bad and I didn't break the bank this time!

What does this mean?  Am I cured? I would say it means that I have learned some self control and that I am saving up for my daughter's college fund!  If I had the money and the time, I probably would have said yes.  But alas, I decided to say no!

Books, books, books abound in my house, garage, trunk and in my bags. I need more book shelves and storage areas.  Maybe I could rent a storage area?  We will see.  Get a Kindle you say?  I have one, but I rarely use it.  It would help with the clutter, but there is nothing like holding a book and turning the pages, while writing in the margins.  For the time being, I will accept this weekend as an improvement.

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