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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

Too Many Marias

I have been working with several wonderful people named Maria.  That is a blessing and a curse.  I love working with such energetic, creative and dynamic people but I get their last names confused.  So a song has been pounding in my head today-Maria, Maria...something about Westside Story...Spanish Harlem...

Here is a half baked poem...draft of course


Maria, Maria, Maria
Too many Marias 'round here
Maria Tovar...
Maria Calero...
Maria Solorzano...
I don't know
what to do
or say...

Maria, Maria, Maria
How do you solve them?
Add, subtract, multiply or divide
Try this, that and the other--
One thousand times
and maybe five to the tenth power?
That may take me about--
an hour...
tal vez two!

Maria! Maria! Maria!
Which one?
Me dice-
Maria Calero?
Quien sabe?
Who really knows?
I say
in a deep fog
Sounding somewhat confused
like my
with 6 kids
and 2 dogs!

Maria, Maria, Maria
from Westside Story
Sound of Music
From Managua too?
My sister-in-law
llena de Alegria?
Another Maria!
Ay no!

Oh no!
Otra vez!
Not again!
Que hago?
Maria? Maria?  Maria?
Un, dos, tres
Un pasito pa' delante Maria
Un pasito pa' 'tras
Ricky Martin?
I think he
kinda knew!

How do you solve the problem?
Do the hills come alive?
or make you jive?
Can't say really
Just know
There are--
Too, too, too
Many Marias!

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