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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Funny Scapegoat Commercial from Geico

My life is simple. Very simple. I just want to laugh. When I want a good laugh while I watching TV, I  look out for the Geico commercials. I love the camel/hump day commercial, the analogies a happy as a witch in a broom factory, as happy as a . . . I especially love the new one with the scapegoat. After the manager of the peanut butter plant witnesses a disaster in the making, he asks, "Who is responsible for this?" The workers immediately blame it all on the "scapegoat".  The scapegoat is a real goat with an attitude.  This scapegoat is so hilarious in this commercial.  The producers of this commercial get a close up of the goat talking some smack with the female worker. This comical part leads the audience to infer that Rick, the scapegoat, has said something very offensive to the female worker. The lady gets miffed at the scapegoat's choice of bleats. This worker is then ready to throw down and start a brawl over the goat's words. It made me chuckle.  I cannot wait for the next commercial from Geico! What will those witty minds come up with next?  Cheesy and hilarious! Great combination! Love it!

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