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--Dr. Seuss

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello Again First Parts From Abydos Literacy Institute

I am working on this poem.  It might turn out to be my reflexive piece.  I am thinking that it will.  Change is hard and goodbye inevitable but there's solace in the next hello.

By Maureen Ucles

It’s not
Saying goodbye
For us
No, not in the least
It’s saying

It’s never goodbye
But hello
To the newness
To the past, present
What will be
Could be
Should be
Can’t you see?
Got me so intrigued
No, no, no
Not goodbye
But hello
Once more

It’s not the saying goodbye
But the hello
Hello again
Invites me
To go
Through that old rot iron door
So heavy, heavy, heavy
Into the unknown, unknown, unknown
Possibilities abound
Where you are
Or might be found
Did I hear that hilarious and familiar sound?
Your sweet, sweet hello
Otra vez

It’s not the saying goodbye
It’s the perpetual possibility of hello
I must confess though
Sometimes don’t really know
If I am saying goodbye
Or smiling hello

One thing’s for certain
I guess
Deep down
I know
We can never end
In the goodbye
But look forward
Hello, Hello, Hello

Doors wide open
Fresh water in a bowl
Cool winds a blowing
Deep, deep inside our souls
Almost feels like heaven
Eternity awaits
Cause there’s no goodbye
For us

Sometimes goodbye
Won’t let me escape
It’s got a terrible hold on me
The reality’s so palpable
Melancholy seems to drape
Times pondered
Times spent
Will this be the end?
Of us
This time?

Then I ponder
Let my mind wonder
Want to consider
The whisper of

Hello, hello, hello

Cause when the goodbye comes
I just run and flee
Soak in
Remembrances past
And say
Ya know
 there’s always tomorrow
Another chance at
hello, hello, hello
Wrapped in sweet butter frosting
Breathtakingly Beautiful Texas Bluebonnets sprinkling the winding country roads
Belly cracking laughter
Lungs full of crazy, crazy, crazy
Giggles fill my being
Don’t have a comeback
 for that!
You get me every single, solitary time
Nah! You just plain get me!
Just wait!
Sometime soon
Next hello

Our lives seem
Full of goodbyes
I am conflicted
Never quite closed
A glimmer, glimmer of hope
Wrapped in
Hello, Hello, Hello

Many, many, sunrises
Sunsets, rainy days
After the storm
Just an inviting, simple
No more goodbyes
Not anymore
 A straight up
Glistening, gregarious, genuine


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