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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Beginnings from the Dr's Office Hello


I wrote this poem in the doctor's office yesterday.  It has been inspired by some very special people in my life. These wonderful colleagues that inspire, motivate and put things into proper perspective.  Some are moving on to greater things and others are still with me in the trenches.  Needless to say, I will miss them tremendously in many ways but they will still be a big part of my life in other ways.  This is my first draft.  More revisions to come.

By Maureen Ucles

It’s not
Saying goodbye
For us
No, not in the least
It’s saying

It’s never goodbye
But hello
To the newness
To the past, present
What will be
Could be
Should be
Can’t you see?
Got me so intrigued
No, no, no
Not goodbye
But hello

It’s not the saying goodbye
But the hello
Hey hello, hello, hello!
Makes me go
Go, go, go
Out that door
Into the new
For more

It’s not the saying goodbye
It’s the perpetual hello
Sometimes don’t really know
If I am saying goodbye
Or smiling hello
But one thing’s  for sure
I guess
I know
we can never end
In the goodbye
But look forward

Doors flung wide open
Fresh water in a bowl
Cool winds a blowing
Deep, deep inside our souls
Feels like heaven
Eternity awaits
Cause there’s no goodbye
For us
No, not in the least, least, least
Only hello
Hello, hello, hello
Wrapped in sweet butter frosting
Texas Bluebonnets sprinkling the winding roads
Belly cracking laughter
Lungs full of crazy, crazy, crazy
Giggles fill the room
Don’t have a comeback
Not for  that!
You get me every single, solitary time
Nah you just get me
Just wait
Sometime soon
Next hello

Our lives
Full of goodbyes
Never quite closed
Many, many, sunrises
Sunsets, rainy days
After the storm
Just an inviting and simple

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