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Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

More and More Poets

The Ugly Old Witch
By M.R.

The ugly old witch is a very old snitch
She is ugly and she is a witch
But when she transforms
She is a beautiful princess
She has a Big fat mole
That looks like a pole
But this is the very old witch
That lives in a ditch

I Love My Family
By N.A.

I thank God for my
Family, my lovely
Family, there with
Me in the sweetness
Of my life and help
Me in good moments
In my life

The love of my
Family is strong.
Flowing in abundance
For all, even if we are
different, each one
expresses their happiness

God fills us with hope
for together we enjoy
a blissful time.  In God
we place our trust
and his big peace
makes us feel.

Thanks lovely family
For a big love they
Have given, that our
Light will always shine
Once we are together

Nothing can separate us again

Poetry in the Wild-Fruit and My Bus


So many
Like fruit
Fruit, Fruit
Is healthy
Fruit, fruit
In so
Many colors

My Bus
By E.N.

My Bus
My Bus
Yellow and

And no one
Named Jack!

My Bus
My Bus
So great

And yellow

Young Poets in the Wild

I am going to have to copy and paste the poems that the Young Poets in the Wild wrote in May.  I have a whole anthology, but cannot get it on one post.  So you will see successive posts of different poems, from the students..  Please consider that these poems are written as a first draft.
By N.A
(Reading Response)
Today I feel
Silly I am
Today I feel
Happy I love
The mood I have.
Today I feel
Sad I hate
The mood I have
Today I feel
Angry I just
Feel like doing
Revenge to someone
Today I feel really bored.
I have nothing
to do. Just to play.
Today I feel just


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