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--Dr. Seuss

Monday, March 2, 2015

More Poets in the Wild

I Can’t Trust Anyone
By J.H.

I can’t trust anyone, because
My friend’s make me rust.

My friends take my stuff
And I am being tough
To take it back.

My friends all lie and I
Tell the the truth.  But the
Guy that I let him
Lie is my friend Kevin Levin.

I know he’s embarrassed
But at least I let him


Homework! Oh, Homework!
I hate you!  You stink!
I wish I could wash you
Away in the sink, if
Only a bomb would
Explode you to bits.
Homework! Oh, Homework
You’re giving me fits!

Big Foot
By A. T.

Big foot
Big foot
Who steps on the
Little foot.

The little foot
Cries as
The big foot
Steps on the
Little foot.

Why big foot
Always steps on the
Little foot?

By B.A.

A car could
Take me to
A bar

A car could
Take me to
Buy a jar

A car could
Take me to
See the stars

And a car
Could take
Me to the


Poetry in the Wild-My Mom to Eggs Only Legs

My Mom
By N.A.

Ooh…how I wish my mom
Was here—standing next to my side,
Making me food, how I wish my mom
Would take me to other places, take
Me to sell with her, how I wish
You were with me making me laugh,
Playing with me, caring about me, if
I would see her, I would be the
Happiest person ever in the whole
Entire world,
 how I wish I would be
With you

Lost . . .
By N

I lost a friend
I said some words
No one should say.
I watched her face change
I watched her
Walk away.


Look behind you
Look in front of you
Look below you

Mother’s Day

I don’t know what I was looking for, I have you
                dear mother.
You’re a white flower that represents peace and
You’re like a treasure that many are trying to find
Looks like you are a fisherwoman attracting each
                   fish so that can be with you.
If only there would be another mother like you, the
                  world would be perfect.
Blessed is the one who finds you because he has a
                  better life.
It looks like it’s just you and me with our happiness.
You are the most beautiful plant that I have ever
                    seen my entire life.
One time you told me, why I didn’t get the biggest award.
Why should I want that, if I have you?
Thank you

By J.H.

I like rhymes, I like rhymes,
I like rhymes like,
It is cold I fold my
Old folders that I’m
Older than folders.

My chart is an art
Of my fart with my
I have a hat that is
Fat that is at my house.

No Eggs Only Legs, No Legs Only Eggs
By J.H.

I can use eggs to eat and throw,
But I don’t use legs to
Eat and throw

I use legs to run and kick,
But I don’t use eggs to
Run and kick.

Eggs go, legs go running,
But at least they can
 Move by a roll or

By running.

Poetry in the Wild-My Mother to My Dog is Not Like Other Dogs

My Mother
By J.B.
I love my Mom because
She gave me a home and
Gave birth to me

By E.N.

They are so green
I love trees
Because they are green

I have my favorite green


By J.R.

They walk
They talk
They eat
They sleep
They go to work
They use their phone
People do
A lot of stuff

My Dog Is Not Like Other Dogs
By B.M.
My dog is not like other dogs.
He doesn’t care to walk,
He doesn’t bark.
He doesn’t howl.
He goes, “Tick, tock. Tick tock.”

He beeps each day at half-past nine.
At noon he starts to chime.
I have a strong suspicion
That my dog can tell time.

Another dog might run and play,
Or smother me with licking,
But my dog just annoys me
With his beeping and ticking.

Should you decide to buy a dog,
When looking for a “watch dog”

Get yourself the kind that barks.

Poetry in the Wild-A Beautiful Sound to Food

A Beautiful Sound
By D.C.

I heard a sound
But I don’t know where it came
I want to know
But I heard it everywhere
It’s a beautiful sound
But don’t know where it came from

By D.A.

I hate to read
But I have to read
My eyes hurt when I read
I know how to read
But I don’t like to read

I’m A Liar
By D.C.

I’m a liar
I lie to people
And I like to lie,
But if you want me to stop lying
I still cannot stop

By A.G.

Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
Whatever it is,
I love it!
 I love it!
   I like it!

I Don’t Know
By A.G.
I don’t know why
My Mom tells me
Don’t act stupid
No, no, no!


Food that I like
And food that I hate

Food that I like
Quesadilla with meat
With cheese.

Food food food
That I don’t like

Horse meat

Poetry in the Wild-Homework to I love My Family

By A.R.

I hate homework…
Whenever I get it
It’s so hard!
It’s just like playing
It’s not the hardest you could
Ever do—
But when you do it
It will be a good job for

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